Learn4Life is dedicated to providing high quality English language training to help prepare Cambodians in the Siem Reap area for advancement and new career opportunities in the years ahead.

We do this by providing structured English language programs in Siem Reap Province, run by dedicated native English speaking volunteer teachers, for up to 400 students.

We charge a very modest fee payment to cover the running costs of our programs on a non profit basis. This encourages the students to keep up regular attendance levels and also allows students from all socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to learn and improve their English language skills and employment prospects.

Core Values

Learn4Life teaching staff are fully trained and qualified native English speakers coming from all around the world. They are from varying backgrounds and ages and bring with them considerable life skills to supplement their English teachings.Our professional volunteer are all eager to pass on their experience and knowledge to the next generation of young Cambodians looking for better employment prospects.

Learn4Life follows the British based English Language curriculum and textbooks. All lessons include a balance of language learning and language usage. This incorporates vocabulary development, grammar, listening, writing and spoken English. We employ a wide range of communicative language techniques in our programs so that students have the opportunity to develop a range of communicative skills.

Whilst much of our course material focuses on aspects of culture in the English speaking world, we attach importance to cultural sensitivity and the environment we are living in. We encourage intercultural comparison and discussion in our programs and ensure that all volunteer teaching staff undergo cultural awareness training before the start of every new term.

Learn4Life is an independent, Cambodian owned, non profit organisation with no religious or political support, funding or affiliation.

Learn4Life uses Cambodian nationals for all paid employment and works contractors. We are committed to the welfare and ongoing support of our employees. In fact most of our employees are attending Learn4Life programs.

Learn4Life enrollment is open to all Cambodian nationals irrespective of socioeconomic background. Around 10 percent of our student body is made up of sponsored students from poor backgrounds who would otherwise be denied the opportunity for personal and career advancement.

Learn4Life is a non profit organisation. Our modest fee structure covers the running costs of our center. Any surplus is used to upgrade the teaching resources, facilities and the curriculum.

Learn4Life has a fully transparent financial management structure and submits to an annual, independently monitored financial audit.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, yet affordable English language tuition to  Cambodian adults thus enabling them to improve their English language proficiency and, thereby, their future career and employment prospects.


Learn4Life always welcome contributions sponsoring directly to the students. There for it is a good idea to do it at least two terms.