Our Classes

Class Times

Hourly lessons begin from 7:30AM through to 9:00PM Monday to Friday. The English classes start in the morning and finish late at night as these are the times the average worker has free for study. Many work long hours during the day so either need to study in the morning before work or in the evening after work. The day time classes often suit other workers on night shift or with flexible hours such as tuk tuk drivers etc. However the very early and late sessions are the most popular times.
There are 4 terms per year, each running for 10 weeks.

Class Sizes

The class sizes are kept to a maximum of 30 students. We believe these number of student allow the teachers to form a relationship with each of the students and so do the giving instruction. Most classes (except the most popular time of early evening usually have a maximum of 15-20 students).

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, yet affordable English language tuition to  Cambodian adults thus enabling them to improve their English language proficiency and, thereby, their future career and employment prospects.


Learn4Life always welcome contributions sponsoring directly to the students. There for it is a good idea to do it at least two terms.